Frequently Asked Questions




How much does interpreting cost?

Rates for all assignments are confirmed in advance and are dependent on several key factors; complexity, duration, and nature of interpreting (e.g. presentation based, consecutive interpreting, general meeting, interview).

Costs for interpreting are usual charged on a "per hour" basis. i.e. $ per hour

Translations are usually charged on a "per word" basis. i.e. $ per 100 English words

Are there other expenses?

Travel and assignment-related expenses are reimbursed and should be budgeted for by the client.

How do I get the best from the interpreter?
Client preparation and advanced provision of content / presentation materials will save time for both the client and interpreter. This helps avoid any confusion and ensures all parties are well briefed ahead of the assignment.

The pre-work between the interpreter and client helps the accuracy, quality and success of the assignment.